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12520134******592011-10-3 17:18

Stalily: Once there was a true love in front of me, But I didn't cherish it. When I had lost it , I regreted very much. If the god give me another chance, I would say to him: Xiaobai I love you. If I can put a time on it , i wish it could be ten thousands year. 

12520134******592011-10-3 17:13

Stalily: Maybe indeed I am not suitable for you. I don't mean to disturb you. Just do what you want to do , to get what you want. I will just accept whatever. Xiaobai…

12520134******592011-10-3 17:08

Stalily: Life is ridiculous. Only when you have lost, you start to know how important that means to you. But it's not too bad. At least, now I understand what is important to me. I appreciate the months that I had been in love with you. I learn to how to love, and now I know what is love. Thanks for the days that you loved me. 

12520134******592011-10-3 17:02

Stalily: The days that I am living are terrible and black. Only you can rescue me. To me , the answer is an end or a beginning.If the answer is End, I would wish you a happy life. Don't worry, I will make myself adjusted well. 

12520134******592011-10-3 16:52

Stalily: Xiaobai , I miss you very much. Think about your marriage seriously! I will respect what you will decide. All i want to say is that I don't want to regret in my life.Anyway, this is life. I must accept.






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